Posted on: 7/10/2022 by John Siebert
While working at my family's archery pro shop from 2002 to 2012, I replaced hundreds and hundreds of bowstrings and cables for our customers. So did my brothers. Some folks had us replace them annually, which was great and instilled peace of mind for them before hunting season. Conversely, plenty of customers came for new bowstrings or cables only because theirs blew up or were on the verge of it.  Read More
Posted on: 4/9/2022 by John Siebert
Shooting arrows without focus is not an efficient way to train. These practice exercises develop the skills that archers need to perform in competition. One of the greatest strengths of archery as a sport is also one of the deepest weaknesses for the archers who practise it.  Read More
Posted on: 3/15/2022 by John Siebert
Have you heard of flow? If not, you’ve probably heard of the zone. Being in the zone and experiencing flow are two similar ways to describe optimal experiences while completing a task. It’s just that being “in the zone” is used more colloquially, and flow is the official term used in sports psychology. It turns out that archers perform better when experiencing flow and that mindfulness meditation for archers can help them experience flow.   Read More
Posted on: 10/14/2021 by John Siebert
Almost everyday I’m asked what kind of events or tournaments exist that he/she can compete in for archery. So, I thought it was time to write an all-inclusive article about what types of competitions or tournaments are out there and the main organizations that govern them. The simple answer…more than you can count, year-round.   Read More
Posted on: 10/8/2020 by John Siebert
Stress automatically calls to mind negative moments in life: A difficult upcoming test, a fight with a friend or parent, global collective stress like the coronavirus pandemic, or even self-created stress about what others might be thinking. And yes, too much stress and too few resources to combat it can be a bad thing…but allowing kids to entirely avoid it actually does them a disservice.  Read More
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