Recurve Bow Archery Coaching

Archery Coaching/Instruction.

Compound Bow Instruction
Recurve Bow Instruction

  • Private Individual Coaching/Lessons
    (individual one-on-one coaching)
    This is ideal for beginners or archers wanting to develop their skills further. Individual coaching can be for a single person, brother/sister, or a family. Lessons can be a one-time visit or a weekly on-going thing. This is the best way to learn archery for fun, competition, or hunting. Individual coaching can be for individuals from 6 to 85 years of age. We coach Olympic recurve, traditional and compound shooting styles. As the archer advances, we can help select the appropriate equipment.
  • Tune-Up Coaching
    (correcting inconsistency issues)
    This is for the advance archer who is just looking to up his game and solve a few lingering issues. This type of coaching/lesson can be a one-time visit or several visits to correct an issue. Ideal for hunters or competition archers looking to move to the next level.
  • Group Coaching
    (groups up to 12 people)
    Group coaching can be for groups up to 12 people such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, corporate groups, etc. This is typically a one-time visit for 2-3 hours. Individuals are taken through the history, basics of archery, and taught how to shoot. Of course there is a lot of guidance as the new archers develop their basic shooting skills.

Archery Coaching/Instruction.

Youth Coaching • Adult Coaching • Tune-Up Coaching

Ohio Archery Learning Center
Goals/Mission Statement.

Create a learning environment to teach archery for leisure, competition, hunting or as a sport-related activity. Our goal is for everyone to discover that archery is a great activity for people of all ages from 6 to 80. No matter what your physical ability is, archery is a learned skill that can be accomplished and mastered by almost anybody. Our hope is that everyone will find this a relaxing activity that focuses the mind and sharpens an individual's physical dexterity.

West Geauga Girl Scout Troop 70918

West Geauga Girl Scout Troop 70918, Chesterland, Ohio

archery lessons to take you from beginner to advance shooter

Coaching/Instruction Format.

Beginner archers don't need to have any equipment. We have recurve bows on site for training. The Ohio Archery Learning Center (OALC) is built from the ground up for teaching and coaching archers. It is the only thing we retail sales. Our head coach is John Siebert, USA Archery Level 3-NTS Coach and USA Archery Instructor Trainer. If you want to know more about him follow this link. As the student progresses, John can help them get the right equipment for the type of archery they want to pursue. Typically, after 3 or 4 lessons, the student begins to appreciate were they want to take their new found archery skills whether it is hunting, target shooting, competing or just shooting for fun. Also, they begin to appreciate whether they want to do barebow, Olympic recurve, traditional or compound.

Main points covered in archery coaching.

  • Relationship between form, stability, and shot execution.
  • Foundations of stable and repeatable compound form.
  • Step by step walk through of form elements.
  • Trouble shooting common problems.
  • Draw length and it's importance to stability.
  • Releasing stress/tension for a more consistent shot execution.
  • Relaxation ...
  • Release construction, design and function.
  • Using your release so that it solidifies the connection between form and execution.
  • The importance of close range and blind bale shooting.
  • Setting up stabilizers ... what they do and why they are important.
  • Equipment tuning.
  • Developing a solid mental game.
  • Practice modes that will further develop your skills.

If you need to inquire about getting on the schedule or have some questions, call or email John Siebert, or click here to schedule a lesson or coaching session.

Coaching costs.

Archery coaching cost is $25 for a 1 hour session. Group rates are available.

  • Tune-up coaching can take one to six sessions depending on how much work is necessary.
  • Structured coaching is typically bi-weekly or weekly for an extended period of time.
  • Group sessions can depend on what the group/organization wants to accomplish with their coaching.
coaching and lessons for traditional archers

What people are saying about our coaching.

We love OALO. Our daughter is 12 and this is absolutely her happy place! Coach John has been teaching her archery skills for quite sometime. He is patient, calm and helps build confidence. John is extremely educated in the sport of archery and we love learning the sport. We will be here for many years to come and can't wait for the adventures archery takes our daughter! Come give this facility a visit! Seems to be great for all ages young and old!
Nadine W.

The new range is great and John is an awesome coach. Working with John on form and consistency have been a huge help to my accuracy and understanding of good archery fundamentals. I highly recommend John and the Ohio Archery Range and Learning Center to anyone thinking about getting started in the sport, as well as experienced shooters looking for tune up coaching or a new place to shoot.
Kevin W.

I am 14 years old and have been working with John for about a year now. John is very helpful and is very flexible with my school schedule. I started out just shooting Saturday morning leagues with John. John is now my target archery coach and has helped me improve a great deal. I look forward to each coaching session as he always makes it fun. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to start or get better at archery.
Gabby B.

I recently retired. After more than twenty years I wanted to get back into bow hunting. I was fortunate to find John Siebert. He was very accessible and willing to answer all my questions, helping tune my bow, and focusing on the basics. His training prepared me well for the hunt. I would highly recommend John and his training.
Chris D.

I shot leagues and other events for a number of years to just be with the guys. I never shot too well until I had John coach me for six-weeks. He upped my game in no time so that I was shooting much better and consistently. Now shooting leagues and 3D archery on the weekends is more enjoyable and not frustrating. When I want to take it further, I'll be going back to John to get to the next level.
Dan P.

Our two daughters began working with John Siebert a little less than a year ago with a goal to become better at target archery. With John's years of knowledge and commitment to technique and form, he has helped them reach an intermediate competitive level. John is extremely flexible to our schedules as a family, has a great deal of patience, and pays close attention to detail while keeping it fun. John also helped us with economical equipment suggestions and selection. It's been a pleasure working with John and we would highly recommend him to any one looking to improve on their archery skill level.
Mark and Candice B.