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No retail sales. No games. No noise.
Just teaching archery and letting you shoot on your schedule.

At Ohio Archery Learning Center, we have created a world class archery facility for all ages and skill levels. We provide certified professional coaching/instruction. We specialize in teaching archery to beginners from 6 to 80 years old and helping seasoned archers improve their shooting form. We can help with tuning your bow and providing buying guidance.

If you are new to the sport, we welcome you and we are here to help you get started in archery. Ohio Archery Learning Center can also help you prepare for your next hunting trip, competition or any other archery event. We teach Traditional/Recurve Archery, Olympic Recurve Archery, and Compound Archery. Let's get started!

Open Range Shooting: If space is available the range is open to walk-in's for shooting and practice. The best way to check if space is available for shooting is to call or txt John at 440.829.8730.

OALC and Nocking Point Archers
at OAA 900 Round

We had had 28 archers (5 not in pictured) from OALC at the 900 Round in Sugarcreek. This is the final tournament for OAA in 2023. Most of these were members of Nocking Point Archers. Of those 28 archers, 19 of them placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Great job to all our archers and the fine effort they made. I'm proud of you all.

Photos from the OAA 900 Round are up in Nocking Point Archers club photo gallery. If you any other pictures that you would like to add send them to John via txt at 440.829.8730 or via email at

Nocking Point Archers' Club
October ‘Halloween’ Club Meeting

Nocking Point Archery Club will meet at Hidden Lake Metro Park from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Sunday, October 22, 2023. This link provides directions to the location. Probably last outdoor shoot of the year. Halloween party.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact John.

Kids & Archery ...

Archery plays prominent roles in movies, TV shows and video games. Kids routinely see superheroes and Disney princesses shooting archery. They imagine themselves as Katniss, Merida and Hawkeye, and many ask parents if they can try the sport. Kids will think it's cool to shoot. Bows are featured in their video games after all! If archery intrigues your child, maybe it is time to sign him/her up for introductory lessons.

Archery is a great introductory sport for anyone of any age or skill. Many athletes shoot archery without having played other sports or honed any athletic skills. That makes it appropriate for any age. Archers must only focus on their form, not their individual strength or stamina. In addition, archery tournaments have age divisions for all kids who enjoy competing, so they can take their archery passions from the range to the tournament stage whenever they like.

  • Archery is the oldest sport still practiced today, and while the equipment has changed, archery basics is remarkably unchanged.
  • Archery gets your kids outside away from their phones/tablets where they can soak in that vitamin D and fresh air.
  • Archery can help your kids develop their ability focus, and concentrate.
  • Archery will strengthen your kids' confidence by giving them a skill that they can steadily improve upon.
  • Archery can provide a positive outlet for a competitive kid.
  • Archery can also be a great way for kids to develop new relationships like friendships with people of all ages and coaching relationships.
  • As a parent if you shoot archery as well, then you and your kids can bond more by being coached together.

Maybe archery is the solution you've been looking for. Ohio Archery Center can provide your child with the structured program that will improve his/her skills, focus and self-esteem. Today is the day to sign up for lessons. No equipment is required.

Service Work ...

We service and tune most compound and recurve bows. New bow strings (Joey's Bowstrings), tuning, D-loops, minor repairs, inspections, etc. We also build arrows for hunting, target and traditional shooting. Arrows are custom ordered. We do not do any work on crossbows. We don't have a press for cross bows.

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Hours: Monday - Friday: 1pm-8pm; Saturday: 9am-8pm; Sunday: By Appt.

John Siebert, USA Archery Level 3-NTS Coach